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Glimmer Row

Mica and Morel

Mica and Morel

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I'd like to introduce Mica & Morel~ the keepers of Creekhaven Falls.  

Tucked away in the Misty Mountains, a small but serene waterfall and sparkling crystal creek run through the woods. Local legend has it that there is a keeper of the falls. Her name is Mica, named after the glittering mineral that graces the sand bars. Whenever she's spotted in the forest, a young fox named Morel trails closely behind. It's said that this pair have been the protectors and overseers of the woods and creek in that stretch of the land. The falls are a pristine place of peace and rest. Visitors have professed that their worries seem to wash away just by sitting near the water's edge. Stories vary regarding what role Mica and Morel play in adding to this sense of tranquility, but one thing is certain, their devotion to the land and its well-being has overflown into the hearts and minds of all that have been blessed enough to look upon it. Mica and Morel are ready to continue their journey and spread their peaceful presence to a new land! They hope you’ll consider letting them join you in a new adventure! 

Mica is an art doll intended for an adult, standing at approximately 22" tall. Her body and face are a needle felted sculpture, made from 100% wool batting. Loc line armature has been used inside her arms, legs and neck. You can even hear a slight noise as it bends! Her movements are moderate. She can bend her elbows and knees at about a 45-degree angle and needs to be gently posed. With a little balancing you can stand her up unassisted, and she can sit unassisted if her arms are positioned back to keep her upright. Mica can tilt her neck and grasp items with her fingers. Her wool body is covered with a cotton jersey fabric. Tiny stitches secure her arms, legs and neck to her torso. Little details are included, down to polished fingernails and toenails! Her eyes are hand painted, then glossed, and finished with lashes. Color has been added to Mica's skin with fabric paints and beeswax crayon. Her wild, woodland hairstyle is made with raw, brown Alpaca locks. I have sewn the locks into a weft which is then crocheted into a mohair cap and securely stitched in place. 

Morel is a needle felted sculpture. His body consists of 100% wool batting, which is wrapped around cotton covered wire, and the fur is mohair roving. Morel is intended for gentle handling as well. He has resin eyes, and little yak fiber whiskers.

Mica's dress is made from upcycled garments. It includes cotton lace accents and a floral belt. Her wool cape has been wet felted to create a "distressed & woodsy" vibe. The entire cape is trimmed with cotton embroidery floss in a blanket stitch by hand. The hood is finished off with a floral decoration and mohair locks at the top of the cap. The brown boots are the only item not made by me! They have a side zipper and are constructed from vegan leather. Mica will come with socks and undies as well! Any raw edges are intended to add to her overall look and are not an oversight. 

Every woodland traveler needs a walking stick, so Mica also comes with a hand carved staff, made from Tulip Poplar wood and topped with Quartz. These materials come straight out of Micas Forest. The wood has been treated with boiled Linseed oil. 

Countless hours have been poured into this creation. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed the process of bringing them to "life". Please contact me with any additional questions. 


Please keep Glimmer Row art dolls and all of their accessories out of the reach and hands of children. 

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